End to End Carbon Footprint Calculation

With CarbonIT, the calculation, reporting, and verification processes of individuals, companies, and institutions’ carbon footprints are carried out in accordance with globally accepted regulations and standards. The software entails the identification and integration of polluting and offsetting data sources into the system. It also involves the preparation of simulation models for projected data, the definition of reduction measures and projects, tracking the defined project outputs, monitoring and managing comparative progress over previous inventory years.

The software aims to address the business processes related to the management and monitoring of carbon footprints, providing detailed comparisons using results from different inventory years. The goal is to facilitate the seamless calculation and monitoring of carbon footprints, ensuring compliance with international legal frameworks and industry standards. Additionally, CarbonIT supports the proactive identification of impactful reduction measures and projects, contributing to the broader goal of achieving sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The application features a graphical and dynamic reporting interface, providing an easy and understandable structure. Each user logs into the system with permissions appropriate to their role, enabling them to perform only authorized tasks. The central database architecture of CarbonIT allows interactive collaboration between different units within the organization through a web-based single system during organizational activities. This ensures data entry occurs only once and is utilized by authorized units. The results of calculations, as well as the outcomes of emission reduction measures and projects implemented by the organization, can be tracked through CarbonIT.